The app to calculate your capital gains on cryptocurrency trades via the revolut app



Welcome to the RevoScope app

The RevoScope app is built to calculate the capital gains (or losses) on crypto currency trades made inside the Revolut™ app. And provide the corresponding Form 849 tax forms for filing the us taxes.

In order to use the app, you first need to download statements from you accounts on the Recolut™ app, and upload them in the "Files" sections.

If you wish to try the app without your own statement files, you can use demo files provided on the "Files" page.


  • Caution: This app assumes that all cryptocurrency assets were acquired and sold using the same base currency. If you you have used multiple currencies to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, the computed gains/losses will be wrong.
  • This App is provided without guaranties whatsoever. You ar still responsible for your own tax returns.
  • This App is neither affiliated, nor approved, nor endorsed by neither Revolut™ nor the IRS nor any tax/accounting/law firm.
  • This add does not guaranty compliance with any tax code.
  • The statement files provided by Revolut are not always consistent and can change format over time. So you need to check your data.
  • This app does not file your taxes for you. That is your own responsibility.
  • Neither the author of this App nor the host of the App may be liable for the use of this App nor any event resulting from the use this App. This app may only be used at your own risk.
  • No support is provided for this app or the usage of this app.

How it works

Before you can use this app, you must download your revolut statements form you revolut account.

To use the app, you must:
  • Go to
  • Log in
  • Go on the account you used to buy and sell your crypto assets (eg EUR, USD, GBP...)
  • Generate a statement on that account using the "Excel" (actually csv) format and make sure the date range selected includes the entire period since your first purchase of crypto assets (that will probably include several years)
  • Go on each crypto account you have and generate a "Excel" (actually csv) statement using a date range that includes all the transactions you have ever had on that account
  • On the RevoScope app, go to the "Settings" page to set your "local" fiat currency (the currency you used to buy/sell the crypto assets)
  • On the RevoScope app, go to the "Files" page and there upload all your statements from the revolut app
  • If all went well, you can go to the "Form 8949" page and download your tax forms
  • You can check for errors or issues by looking through the individual transactions on the "Transactions" page , and the "Orphan Exchanges" page

Pages in the Menu

This is a shot description of the different pages in the menu.

  • Overview:

    The current page, with general information about the app.

  • Settings:

    The page where you select your local or base currency.

  • Files:

    The page where you can upload your statement files for each account you have on Revolut™.

  • Records:

    The records page show all the raw records that were read from the statement csv files you uploaded. This allows you to check that the files were read properly.

  • Orphan Exchanges:

    Shows the list of "EXCHANGE" records that the app was unable to match to their corresponding other "EXCHANGE" record, and this page allows you to match those records manually.

    Each cryptocurrency transaction is made of two "EXCHANGE" records, one in your local/base currency and the other in the cryptocurrency.

  • Exchange Pairs:

    Shows the list of "EXCHANGE" records pairs that were matched. Each pair is a transaction.

  • Accounts:

    Summary of the transactions and balance of each cryptocurrency grouped by year.

  • Transactions:

    List of all the transactions found, including computed information about each transaction such as the gains, fee details and balance. On this page you want to compare the "Crypto Balance" and "Balance To Date" columns, if they match the numbers should be correct, and if they don't match that means there are missing transactions in the app.

  • Sales Gains:

    List of all the sales of cryptocurrency with their corresponding purchases.

  • Form 8949:

    The page where you can generate the pages for Form 8949, populated with all the sales of the year.


Other Miscellaneous information

  • This app is a Single Page Application, all your data is stored and computed on your browser. No data is sent to the server, nor collected, nor shares with third parties.
  • You can delete the data you uploaded by clicking on the icon on the "Files" page .
  • This app was built by Nathanael Sirmons.